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Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency scheme (CRC)

The Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency scheme (CRC) came into force during 2010 but the format has changed from a 'Cap and Trade scheme' to a tax on carbon emissions for companies with annual energy usage in excess of 6,000MWh, or total annual billing of around £500,000.  The first payments were due to be made by companies in 2012.

The scheme details include:


  • It will operate as a mandatory reporting and pricing scheme to cover all organisations using more than 6,000MWh per annum of electricity (approx. £500,000)
  • Aim to reduce UK carbon emissions not covered by other legislation.
  • Participants have to record their energy use over a 12 month period and buy allowances from the Government to cover their emissions in the previous year.
  • Price will be £12 per tonne.

A publicly available league table will show how companies are performing.  There will be no financial incentive but watch your reputation....

Our partner consultant is responsible for managing several large commercial companies and one of their largest clients is currently sitting at the top of the league table.  If you are unsure whether your company usage falls within the above criteria or you need an assessment do not hesitate to contact us.

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